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Pimp Your Home
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Are you excited by your own interior design project yet would love some guidance from a professional?

Whether it’s a colour scheme, window treatments, furniture layout, furnishing ideas, storage problems, bathroom and/or kitchen challenges, lighting design or product sourcing the Pimp Your Home workshops will give you the resources to arrive at a solution. 

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The studio has everything you will need to help you rationalise your ideas, select colour schemes, experiment with room layouts, choose from samples of fabrics and flooring materials and Celia will be on hand to share her knowledge and experience to show you how to achieve what you are aiming for.

Workshops are held twice a month on Saturday mornings and last for 3 hours.  The fee for a single workshop is £55.  Places are limited to 4 only to ensure enough one on one time for each attendee. 

It’s essential to book a place in advance.  At the point of booking you will be asked to bring information relevant to the project you want to work on.    Because the workshops are aimed at helping everyone involved find solutions for their individual challenges a maximum number of 5 people can be accommodated at a time.  Celia’s time will be split equally amongst those attending a workshop. 

If you find your own project daunting, feel you would benefit from some expert advice or just want confirmation that you are on the right track a Pimp Your Home workshop could be just what you need.

Spending a couple of hours focusing on your project and allowing Celia to help you resolve your challenges could prevent you from making disappointing errors and may even save you money.