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It is generally accepted that interior design is a delightful subject and many people like the idea of undertaking their own project. However, as anyone who has done so will know, there is more to interior design than one might think.

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Celia spent 5 years at University learning about the ins and outs of building construction and transforming spaces. She has spent a further 30 years learning much, much more. Capable of designing in both traditional and contemporary styles she has produced solutions for all aspects of residential design, retail showrooms and restaurants.

Her principal interests are marrying the old with the new, making small spaces work and lighting. The asymmetry of Japanese design is something she finds especially appealing.

During a career that has spanned over three decades Celia has worked on projects in the UK and internationally. Her services have been engaged by a wide variety of clients, some with celebrity status. Celia has reached a point where she would like to change the way she works. Instead of making all the design decisions she wants to help people be their own interior designer.