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Be your own interior designer

Whether you’re faced with a total refurbishment or just want to stamp your own ideas on your home you may be encountering problems you hadn’t anticipated.  Apart from the challenges of allocating and sticking to a realistic budget there are potentially many other pitfalls.

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Cause for concern can be bewilderment at the number of choices and decisions to be made.  For example:  products and finishes, deciding how best to arrange a room, which colour scheme ideas really work and how to tackle lighting and the positioning of electrical points.

Planning every last detail before starting the work is often overlooked.  If you get it wrong one revised decision can result in multiple changes or the need to re-do some things, wasting time and money and causing frustration.

A smooth running project finished on time, within budget, looking great and working well is the ideal for most people. Celia’s ample experience has given her the know-how to achieve that and she is willing to share her knowledge.  To do this she is running workshops from her studio in Leytonstone.   They are held a couple of times a month on a Saturday and last for 3 hours.

If you are seeking guidance with a colour scheme, window treatments, furniture layout, furnishing ideas, storage problems, bathroom or kitchen challenges, lighting design or product sourcing Celia has the resources to help you arrive at a solution.  The studio is well equipped with reference material, samples of fabrics, paints, floor coverings and space planning equipment.  Add to this the benefit of her knowledge and experience gained from several decades working as a practising interior designer, project manager and tutor at several interior design colleges and you have all the ingredients to provide you with a unique opportunity to be your own successful interior designer.

Inspired by TV programmes such as The Great Interior Design Challenge, 60 Minute Makeover, Grand Designs and Restoration Man many people have discovered for themselves that the process of transforming a space successfully is not perhaps as easy as they might have been led to believe.

Well qualified and with over 30 years experience working as an interior designer, project manager and teacher Celia is willing to share her knowledge.